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Dayton Rooms

Listed below are those people who have reservations at the Homewood Suites
thru AMSAT.  If you are interested in a room and your name is not on the
list, please contact me at 301-589-6062.

73 martha

Rooms reserved for Dayton

Bill Tynan/Bob Carpenter -Wed - Sat nite
Keith Pugh -Thurs- Sat nite 
Matt Bordelin - Thurs - Sat nite
Larry Koziel/Steve Culp - Thurs- Sat nite
Howard Ziserman/Dave New - Wed - Sat nite
Tom Clark/Rick Hambley - Thurs - Sat nite
Barry Baines/Ed Krome- Wed - Sat nite
Ron Marosko- Thurs - Sat nite
Jimmy Treybig- Fri & Sat nite
Mal Preston/Andy Skattabo- Thurs - Sat nite
Paul Gabel - Thurs - Sat nite
Ronald Ross - Fri & Sat nite
Bob Halley- Friday Nite
Michael Owen- Thurs - Sat nite
Al Whiting  - Friday & Sat nite

Please note that I have only 4 rooms left and they will be turned over to
the hotel on May 1.  Also Al Whiting who is coming over from Israel  would
like to share a room Friday and Saturday nights.

73- martha