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Re: FT-847

Hi Dennis,
   Not sure which one you read but this is a great rig! I have had the
Yaesu FT-726,
736, and now the FT 847 and all of them were nice but this one is better.
know of course know Yaesu has been bringing out a new rig with each new
satellite launch. AO-10=726.AO-13=736. Now with the PH3-D comes the 847.
  The memories are the just what the doctor ordered. I have labeled each
FO-20,FO-29,AO-27 and so on, with the uplink and downlink freqs and the
information. I no longer have to figure out the up and down link freqs.
When I am
tuning across the band pass on the receiver the transmitter follows right
This when itself is a great selling point.
  As far as HF is I put the rig on HF first and worked 9K2ZZ, 5X1T, YO2LEA
for the
first 3 contacts, one being in a bile up, with 5/9 reports, but as you know
DX in a plie
up always say 5/9 hi hi...This was done Barefoot which is no big thing
either. I can
say this to you because you are an HF man too. I have DXCC on  HF and SAT.
  I find that the  Noise Blanker to be like my Kenwood FT 450at, nothing to
home about. That is the only thing I find not in keeping with Yaesu but
else is just as it should be.
 You should know that it does not have the SWR meter and built in antenna
but If you have to use an antenna tuner,  you need to do some antenna work
 Another nice thing that I like is you can go from HF to Sat memories with
a push
of one button. It has two nice knobs, one for memories and one for Sub
tuning that
double as Menu selections as well.
  Once again WHY did I buy the FT-847 for TWO major reasons. No other
manufacture makes a rig with this much coverage and I its size is perfect
to take
to my place in Florida and our GOLF clubs can go in the trunk now too!
  My question to you is, if you get one, this the first thing that I want
you to do is compare the DSP on the FT-847 to your FT-1000-MP. I have
played with the 
FT-1000-MP's DSP at a friends house but unless you have them sitting side
by side it is hard to tell. The FT-847's DSP is great but it is nice to
  Audio quality and punch, well, we satellite users can listen to our own
where HF boys can't. They can watch the ALC  and maybe a scope, but they
can't listen to it coming back to them.. hi hi. My audio is as it should
be, as for
my voice, well my fellow hams will just have to put up with it. hi hi
  Your FT-736r is a great rig. You can put the 1296 module in it and you
in the 847. As a owner of the FT-1000MP, you are in the upper class of
Transverters work, so if that is not a concerned, dump the 736 and get the
847 and
your pleasure level will go up ...hi. 

 Hope this helps. 

73, and take care, if I can help in any way let me know.

Later Jim, KØSBH 
jimw@i1.net  or k0sbh@amsat.org

WEB Site  http://www.i1.net/jimw


> From: Dennis Jakubisin <Dennis.Jakubisin@mci.com>
> To: Jim Wellinghoff <jimw@i1.net>
> Subject: FT-847
> Date: Tuesday, April 14, 1998 8:00 PM
> Read your post on the amsat bb and was wondering if you could provide
> any futher in for on the FT-847.
> I am interested in using the 847 as a backup for my FT-1000MP and as
> a replacement for my old FT-726.
> Have you had much of a chance to use the radio & how does it compare
> to other radios you have used? Satellite functions? Good/bad etc.
> Any input would be greatly appreciated.
> 73
> Denny  WB8K
> dennis.jakubisin@mci.com
> or
> wb8k@amsat.org