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Oscar 10

  Hello all,
I was using AF9Y's FFT42 program, and thought it might be a good tool to
show the condition of Oscar 10.  The yellow trace near 800 hz  shows the
carrier signal from the satellite.  Obviously , it is not a steady carrier , wich is
typical for Oscar 10 in its dorment period.  To the right , one can see the peaks
and valley's of the carrier signal shown in green.  The vertical lines to the right
represent 10, 20 and 30 db marks.  To the left, it shows the time in UTC.
The satellite was aproximatey 21,0000 kms from my QTH.  The signal
was peaking S-4 with the preamp in line.  The antenna is a 20 element
cross yagi.  
 I've attached a "screen shot" here . I thought it might be  interesting.
73 all,  AB2CJ
Anthony Bombardiere