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Good/bad news re RS-16 and RS-10

The following was received via packet radio from G3IOR:

Hi Ray,

The good news to report to you is that John G7HIA just heard from

Leo UA3CR that the bumper bundle of command station gear funded

by the SPUTNIK event arrived safely in Moscow.

The bad news is that so far all attempts to put the RS-16

transponder on have failed. They will continue to try, but

without much hope. Similarly RS-10 is failing to respond to

commands. With OSCAR-10 now possibly in terminal decay, that

doesn't leave much by way of 'A' mode satellites. Just RS-12 to

carry the load it seems.

RS-16 will only be in orbit for another year anyway.

73,                        Pat,     G 3 I O R  @  G B 7 L D I