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Re: Question...

On Fri, 10 Apr 1998, Kurt W. Zimmerman wrote:

> Stumbled across a question and want to see if anyone has an answer;
> "What is the distance that a microwave signal travels between two microwave towers?"
> 73;
> Kurt - W2MW

Infinitely traveling along a (warped) line at the speed of light, being bent
by various gravitational fields throughout the universe, until (according
to Einstein) it comes back and hits you on the back of the head, reduced 
by the inverse square of the distance naturally.   :)

If you turned the microwave transmitter on last year, the signal has now
traveled one light years distance. By this time next year the microwave
signal will have traveled two light years distance. Don't forget to
account for leap years, they lengthen the distance traveled.   :)

Is this the answer you were looking for?

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