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2.4 GHz Stuff 4-Sale

Hi All,
I have 2 items for sale. Please reply direct to me to keep trafffic low on
the mailing lists. I will also listen to offers.

1. SSB Electronics UEK-13 / 2.4 GHz S-Band Converter - $200

2. Downeast Microwave Model 13LNAWPFT / 2.4 GHz High Gain, Low Noise
Pre-Amplifier - $200
    Pre-Amplifer was factory built by Downeast Microwave.

Prices are plus shipping. If one person wants both items I will give them a
deal on price. I would perfer to sell as
package, but will go other way if need to. Thanks... 73...

Tim Pickett
Michigan Amsat Area Coordinator