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more 9.6k questions....

I have a couple of more questions about the 9600 baud sats....

On the fo's I am using just horizontal beams for both 2m and 435. I do
get deep fades on all the downlink signals on 435. I know once I build
the cp beam, that should elliminate that problem. I am also thinking of
building eggbeaters for experimenting. Is anyone have success using them
for the pacsats?? Do you switch polarity?? Did you build them?? Please
let me know.
I dont have the bucks to spend on the 5400 rotors, so I use the Gemini
rotors. I am considering building the C and S interface for them and let
an ol 286 control the beams. While on my 486 use WISP for the
If you are on the pacsats or are trying, please let me know what you
have and/or your experiences. I am interested in any stories.