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Looking for polar plot utility

Hello once again,

As usual, I'm looking for something!  This time what I'm looking for is a
program (utility etc) which can take in a 360 by 90 matrix of bytes, and
produce a polar plot.  Ideally, I'd like to be able to produce the
equivalent of a 'sky chart', as used to find stellar constellations in the
night sky.  This particular representation is useful because it can be held
above one's head, and directly maps onto the sky (i.e  the chart appears to
be back-to-front when viewed on a table, as it has East to the left of West,
or South above North).

I want such a utility so that I can plot the results of a program I've just
written, called Santenna (which is less offensive than some of the
8-character names I could derive from "satellite antenna analysis").  This
program uses the Turbo Pascal 6.0 SGP4/SDP4 library routines developed by Dr
TS Kelso, to predict where a satellite is at a given instant, and this is
then collated over a relatively long timeframe (say, 1 year) to produce a
composite set of results.  I propose that from this, the probability of the
satellite being in any given part of the sky (in 1 degree az and el
increments) can be predicted, expressed relative to the total time the
satellite is above the horizon for a given observer's location.

I don't want to pre-empt myself too much, however this may be a useful tool
in determining the composite radiation pattern required for a groundstation
in order to access a satellite in a given orbit, as well as allowing a given
installation to be assessed in terms of the impact of obstacles (trees,
buildings, mountains) in a given direction.

(I am running Windows 95 on a 133MHz pentium, 32 MB RAM).

Back to the original question;  if you can recommend such a utility, please
let me know.

p.s  When I have finished my project, I'll make the program and source code
available on the Amsat site.

73 Chris VK6KCH
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