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[Fwd: uplink possibilities]

I'm sure for the right price, it is available.  I dont have a clue where.
I would suggest you send your query message to amsat-bb@amsat.org

On Wed, 15 Apr 1998, Lee Plaskett wrote:

> I would like  to have an uplink for  the internet in the South Pacific,
> specifically, Fiji.
> Is it possible to uplink directly to  a satelite, from a  remote area,
> and utilize the internet from a small  personal  computer attached  to a
> satelite dish? If this is possible , where do I look for educational
> materal  in order to converse and understand  the uplink and  satelite
> jargon?  How can I set  up such a system and at what cost?  How  much
> does it cost  to access   the satelites  for personal  use?
> Thank  You,
> Dr. Lee


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