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WiSP and FT-847

Hi all,

I have just uploaded an updated RR.INI and KCTDRV.INI to the AMSAT ftp
site.  These updates add the Yaesu FT-847 to the list of radios supported
by WiSP32, WiSP16 and other programs using these two KCT drivers.  Thanks
to Ken Ernandes, N2WWD and Paul Willmott, VP9MU for sending me the CAT
command structure for the 847 and thanks to Robin Haighton, VE3FRH, for
testing the RR.INI file for me.

You can find these files at:

 ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/software/win32/wisp   for RR.INI

 ftp://ftp.amsat.org/amsat/software/windows/wisp   for KCTDRV.INI

By the way, it's good to be back on the satellites again.  I finally got
the rotor part and installed it today.

73, Roy

Internet: w0sl@amsat.org
Home Page: http://home.swbell.net/rdwelch