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Hello all.  The below information came out of the Hudson Division
Loop newsletter.  Althought it doesn't impact satellite uplink
frequencies directly, I thought it might be of interest to the group.

 *** From "The ARRL Letter" 4/10/98:  The ARRL has learned that
the second civilian frequency for the Global Positioning System
(GPS) could wind up within Amateur Radio's secondary allocation
at 1.2 GHz.  A decision on whether the new, second frequency will
be 1205 or 1250 MHz is expected to be made in August.  An
allocation at 1250 MHz could mean the end of Amateur Radio in the
band 1240 to 1260 MHz.  The Amateur 23-cm band runs from 1240 to
1300 MHz.
     In February 1997, the Departments of Transportation (DOT)
and Defense (DOD) announced an agreement assuring civilian GPS
users of a second frequency--referred to as L5 and considered
essential for critical civilian GPS uses.  According to a DOD
news release, the White House Commission on Aviation Safety and
Security, chaired by Vice President Al Gore, "called for the
establishment of a second civil frequency as part of a broader
program to maintain US leadership in aviation and satellite
technology."  For more information, see