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Re: spamming of our mailing list by a user at ccjnetworks.com (WAS FWD:JOKES)

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998 14:49:45 -0500, Brent W. Venis wrote:

>(Original text of message follows)
> I inadvertently sent this to the AMSAT mailing list. It was meant to be
>sent only to some friends of mine and I mistakenly sent it to one
>address too many.
> I apologize to all who received it.
> I am a subscriber to the AMSAT mailing list, and have received several
>replies about this message.
> As to being spam, I don't think this would qualify as spam, because, at
>least as far as I know, spam is --commercial-- unsolicited e-mail. But
>hey, maybe I am wrong.

It is not exactly spam because it was sent to only four addresses (and
it is not UCE (Unsolicited Commercial Email) because it was not
commercial, but it is off topic for this mailing list.
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 from mediocre minds"    -- Albert Einstein