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NASA JSC Release H98-61


President Bill Clinton will visit NASA's Johnson Space Center on
Tuesday, April 14 for briefings on various NASA programs. During the
visit, the President will meet with Senator John Glenn, now in training
for an October space flight, and get a briefing on Shuttle mission
STS-90, scheduled for launch on Thursday.

The President will place a phone call to the STS-90 crew members at the
Florida launch site, and address Johnson Space Center employees and
invited guests. The President's call to the STS-90 crew and his address
to employees will be carried live on NASA Television beginning at
approximately 11:30 a.m. CDT.

NASA Administrator Daniel S. Goldin and Johnson Director George W.S.
Abbey will escort the President during his tour.

News media who wish to cover the Presidential visit should fax a request
for press accreditation to the Johnson Newsroom at 281/483-2000. Badges
will be available Tuesday morning at the Security Office, Bldg. 110,
adjacent to the center's main gate off NASA Road One. Television media
should plan to arrive at Johnson no later than 6 a.m. CDT to allow time
for badging. Print media should arrive at the badging office no later
than 8 a.m. CDT. Transportation to events will be provided from the
Bldg. 2 news center.

NASA Television is available on GE2, Transponder 9C, at 85 degrees west
longitude, with vertical polarization. Frequency is 3880.0 Mhz, audio
6.8 Mhz.



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