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Re: spamming of our mailing list by a user at ccjnetworks.com (WAS FWD:JOKES)

(Original text of message follows)

 I inadvertently sent this to the AMSAT mailing list. It was meant to be
sent only to some friends of mine and I mistakenly sent it to one
address too many.
 I apologize to all who received it.
 I am a subscriber to the AMSAT mailing list, and have received several
replies about this message.
 As to being spam, I don't think this would qualify as spam, because, at
least as far as I know, spam is --commercial-- unsolicited e-mail. But
hey, maybe I am wrong.

 Michael Blankenship wrote:
My first question is: Has the list owner/moderator (if not you)
this directly with the sender? If so what was his reply? The captioned
sender *is* a user on this system, however, unless this is just a 
sampling of spam originated from this user we can only assume it was
inadvertently sent to the mail list. I encourage you to query the
originator and resolve the problem directly. If you are unable to 
receive satisfaction with that approach please forward any additional
"spam" mail from this user to me directly and/or his uncooperative reply
and we will take additional steps to correct the situation.

Please note, the subject of this message has been Cc'd in this message.

Michael Blankenship
Systems Admin
CJNetWorks - Topeka, KS

On Mon, 13 Apr 1998, Franklin Antonio wrote:

> Date: Mon, 13 Apr 1998 11:09:55 -0700
> From: Franklin Antonio <antonio@qualcomm.com>
> To: abuse@cjnetworks.com
> Subject: spamming of our mailing list by a user at ccjnetworks.com
> The following message was sent twice today thru our amsat-bb mailing list.
> This list has over 1000 recipients.  The message contains dirty jokes that
> have no relationship to the purpose of this list, ie they are completely
> off topic.  Can you censure this individual?
		73 de
		     Brent Venis

	Misspelled?!?  Impossible, my modem is error correcting.