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Not Satellite Related->Packet Radio

        Sorry bout this not being about the sats but I wanted to ask as many
hams as I could.

I'm looking for some ham radio operators in Michigan,Indiana,and Ohio who
would like to set up a packet node that would connect into the SEDAN network.
This network is a very large and very nice network but unfortuneately it
doesn't extend as far north as Michigan yet so I'd like to help expand it.

The SEDAN network is currently located along the east coast but I'm trying to
start a branch up in Michigan,Indiana,and Ohio that would eventually link up
to this network. Go to: http://www.sedan.org and take a look at what it is. If
you have friends who'd also be interested lets try to get them involved to:
 The more the merrier!

Here is what a SEDAN station consists of:

MFJ 1270CQ 9600bd tnc w/X-1J4 prom
70watt 6 meter rig
MFJ 1270C (B) 1200bd tnc w/X-1J4 prom
2 meter rig

The 6 meter rig IS provided along with the proms.

Basically you buy the 1270CQ and the X-tals for the 9600bd side and ship them
to K4ABT and he modifies the rig (commercial rig) and installs the PROM and
gets the backbone side of the network all set up. Then he ships it you were
you install the other PROM into the 1270C and wire up the two TNCees. You set
your 2 meter rig to your local packet frequency and its all set.

Feel free to email me with questions,comments,or concerns.

I am also looking for one of the above TNCees and a 2meter rig.


~Chris, KC8GOQ~