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Re: AO-10

At 03:30 PM 4/12/98 -0700, you wrote: 
> Chuck, yes AO10 is still going but it appears to be on it's last legs
> unless there is a "resurrection" from some additional solar panel
> alignment.  The beacon is very weak and FM's at about a 45 second rate.
> All translated signals follow that same rate of course.  Most of the
> activity available to the Western USA centers about 145.915.  I have been
> trying to keep CW alive around 145.910 since the slow FM-ing is far easier
> to cope with on CW.  73  Cliff K7RR

Don't count it out for good, just yet though.  The solar alignment will be
better again
in a  couple of months and AO-10 will probably be back up to par.

I've got some information on AO-10 at my web site:



Stacey E. Mills / W4SM
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