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Re: Grid Squares

Aloha -

Program??? I color in the squares on the map :-) unfortunatley, ARRL only
does the US Mainland map with a Hawaii insert... No Alaska, and perish the
thought that there are other places to work on VHF+ and satellites...

Not to mention that the ARRL log sheets for VUCC are paper/satellite
unfriendly. They want one side per 2 fields....

Anyway... any macintosh software for grid / VUCC / DXCC monitoring that is
HF, VHF and satellite friendly?

cheers - ted - nh6yk - nh4/nh6yk - kc6yk

>What program is everyone using to keep trak of their grid squares worked?
>Thanks and 73,

                       ted Brattstrom and Lisa King
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