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oscar locator

With all the talk about Oscar Locator I thought I would post an image from
the Nova for Windows program. Michael calls it Radar but it is identical to
the Oscar Locator display. There is a table alongside the display which
gives the info in numerical detail.

The example was taken at my qth for the next pass of ko-25. The time was
April 13, 1998 at 14:44:26 utc.

The next pass starts at 15:19:27 which is 35min 01 sec from now. The max el
of the pass is 29 degrees. The azimuth at AOS is 25 degrees. The azimuth at
LOS is 167 degrees. The pass duration is 14min 13sec with LOS at 15:33:41.
Most of this info is available at a glance from the 'map' with details in
the table.

73 ron w8gus.