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Re: AO-10

Chuck, yes AO10 is still going but it appears to be on it's last legs
unless there is a "resurrection" from some additional solar panel
alignment.  The beacon is very weak and FM's at about a 45 second rate.
All translated signals follow that same rate of course.  Most of the
activity available to the Western USA centers about 145.915.  I have been
trying to keep CW alive around 145.910 since the slow FM-ing is far easier
to cope with on CW.  73  Cliff K7RR

On Sun, 12 Apr 1998, Chuck Rippel wrote:

> I understand that AO-10 is still up and although there is no 
> control, it is still working.  Is this correct?  What mode is it in?
> Where can I find more info about it?
> Thanks!
> PS:  A hearty thank you to each of the folks who invested their time 
> to answer my rig question.  I appreciate all the comments.
> -73-
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