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Yaesu FT-847 CAT Control Software Available

The source code for my library of control functions for the new Yaesu FT-847
transceiver is now available for download.  Because of the strong similarity
between the FT-736R and the FT-847 control codes, the FT-847 library extends
my existing FT-736R library.  This library has the Computer Aided
Transceiver (CAT) functions needed by satellite tracking software.  It's not
a complete set of FT-736R/FT-847 control functions, but future upgrades to
the libray will feature a complete command set.

You can download the Yaesu CAT source control library (yaesucat.zip) from
the FTP link on my web page at:


The link to the library is also located on my Web site's Doppler
Compensation page.  You can navigate to the Doppler Compensation page by
selecting the "Tracking" button, then "Doppler" from my main page at the
above URL.

The Yaesu CAT source control library is written in the "C" programming
language, but I think it can be easily adapted to other programming languages.  

The original source code functions were tested by John Gordon KD2JF, on his
new Yaesu FT-847.  I gave KD2JF a driver program so he could validate each
function directly.  When this was complete, I gave Paul Willmott VP9MU a
copy of the source code library that he adapted to The Station Program.
John KD2JF then tested the upgraded Station Program, ultimately validating
the software's FT-847 upgrade on a satellite pass.

I retained the Copyright on the source code, but it may be used freely in
any software distributed by AMSAT, including AMSAT-NA and its international
affiliates.  The code may also be freely incorporated into any personal or
public domain software.  Commercial software not distributed by AMSAT may
use this code provided the copyright owner makes a $10 donation to AMSAT.

Ken Ernandes