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Re: AO-27

    AO-27 has a timer on it.  The satellite does not have the 
power budget to stay on 24 hours a day.  To do the on/off timing
it uses the Sun.  Since it is in a near polar orbit, half the orbit
is in the dark.  The timer to turn on starts after it gets in to 
the sun.  After X minutes in the Sun it turns on for about 17 minutes.
After the 17 minutes, it shuts off and waits for the next cycle.
As the Sun creeps further to the North in Spring, the shut off time
also moves North.  The opposite happens in Fall with the turn on
time creeping South.  As the Seasons change, the control operator
will change the timer.  There is usually an update on the AMSAT-BB
and the web page for AO-27.


		Chuck (KI0AG)