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Hello Doug,     Well I cant say that I'm still using my Oscar Locator, At
one time
I had 3 of them. I started using them with Oscar 7 & 8 and then the RS's but
after in the early 80's along came Commodore Vic 20 then 64 and for about 5-7
I used AMS 2064 for tracking. My last Oscar Locator, a few years ago
I converted it into a Clock, With the Oscar 7 template on it.

73's de AL (WC9C)

At 08:06 AM 4/10/98 EDT, you wrote:
>Hi All. I just finished reading  N2WWD Ken's  "Orbital Elements" column
>in the April issue of CQ VHF. It's about finding ways of making satellite
>pass predictions easier. I'm sure some folks would say "what's easier
>then pushing a few keys on a computer" to determine when a satellite is
>in sight.
> The article got me thinking about using the Oscar Locator system  for
>determining satellite passes. I got interested in satellites well into
>the "computer age" and never used it, although I've read a bit.about it
>in the Satellite Experimenters Handbook.
> I was wondering  if anyone still uses it, and how accurate is it? Can it
>be used for only circular orbits, or for the Molnyia birds as well?
> 73 de Doug ka8qcu
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