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Re: Faraday Rotation calcs?

Hi Chris:

In case you haven't seen it, there is a good article on Faraday Rotation
by Frank Bauregger and Christine Law of Stanford Univ, in the
March/April issue of The AMSAT Journal.  Included are lots of neat
formulae and references.

Let me know if you are not an AMSAT-NA member and I will send you a copy
of the article.


Russ Tillman, KC5JVB
AMSAT Journal Editor
College Station, Texas

Chris Hill wrote:
> I have just spent a couple of hours on the 'net looking for information on
> how to calculate the extent to which an electromagnetic signal is affected
> by Faraday Rotation...  I want to evaluate just how big an issue this is at
> 146 and 436MHz on the LEO-to-ground path.
> I'll be visiting the local University library tomorrow morning...  if anyone
> could recommend a well-written text on the subject, or even provide the
> formulae required, I'd be most appreciative!
> Thanks, 73
> Chris
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