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Re: FO-20 Refection

Hi,   FO20 has had this anomaly since tlhe day it was born.  You have
probably heard the spurious beacon signal in the middle of the band and
you can hear the same signal at the top of the band.  So if you hear CW
on the upper part of the band you should check if they are not actually
transmitting ;on the lower part.  The beacon is not so obvious now since
it has failed and is now just a carrier.   Chuck        
At 12:14 AM 04/11/1998 +0000, you wrote:
>Hello Group.
>Just copied an interesting happening on FO-20.
>K9SLQ Indiana and another station were in QSO
>downlinking on 435.842, however I also heard
>both sides of the conversation coming down
>on 435.888 as well. The .888 was about 2db
>weaker in signal strength.
>I talked with K9SLQ, he was running a 736, just 
>back from the shop. I doubt if both stations could
>have spurs on their 2 meter xmit, though possible.
>Any ideas on this, a quirk in the bird?
>Something in my receiver, it was there with my preamp
>on or off.
>Just thought it strange.
>Thanks,   Gary
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