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Re: Mir article

Jim--Ur msg abt the Air & Space article concerning MIR is most
fascinating. But it raises more questions than it answers. As there's no
way to get a copy of that magazine here in the heart of the Bluegrass
could you enlighten us on a few matters? For example, what's this about
"stopping" on the way? How dey do dat? Also, as the implication is that
the astronauts "relieve themselves" (pee, I presume) into space, how is
that accomplished in a space suit--which  presumably they are wearing
while on their way. It seems not conceivable that they stop the Soyuz
vehicle, unsuit (or open suit and/or catheter bag petcock) and let go in
space--as ur msg implies. Great tradition, however they do it. And
personally I don't think the girls should be left out--that's sex
discrimination. Fascinating subject anyway, isn't it? 73 Steve W2ZBY

On Wed, 08 Apr 1998 17:45:03 -0600 Jim Dawdy <kc7rcy@AMSAT.org> writes:
>For those who follow the Russian space program:
>There is a fascinating article in the March (came out a month ago) 
>of Air & Space by Norm Thagard describing his journey to Mir aboard a
>Soyuz.  Most interesting was the tradition of stopping on the way to 
>pad in the same place Gagarin relieved himself prior to his historic
>flight.  All male crew members make the same offering on the same 
>Jim, KC7RCY

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