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Hi All. I just finished reading  N2WWD Ken's  "Orbital Elements" column
in the April issue of CQ VHF. It's about finding ways of making satellite
pass predictions easier. I'm sure some folks would say "what's easier
then pushing a few keys on a computer" to determine when a satellite is
in sight.
 The article got me thinking about using the Oscar Locator system  for
determining satellite passes. I got interested in satellites well into
the "computer age" and never used it, although I've read a bit.about it
in the Satellite Experimenters Handbook.
 I was wondering  if anyone still uses it, and how accurate is it? Can it
be used for only circular orbits, or for the Molnyia birds as well?
 73 de Doug ka8qcu
 email    ka8qcu@juno.com
packet  ka8qcu@wb8swf#semi.mi.usa.noam

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