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Amsat-UK Colloquium

Amsat-UK Colloquium Papers

              Amsat-UK 13th Colloquium - Call for papers

The 13th AMSAT-UK Colloquium will be held at Surrey University, Guildford,
Surrey, U.K., from Friday 31st July to Sunday 2nd August 1998. This year's 
event will include technical and operational matters as well as an IARU forum.

Amsat-UK invite authors to submit papers, about amateur radio space and
associated activities, for this event and for the "Proceedings" document
which will be published at the same time. We normally prefer authors to
present the papers themselves rather than having someone else read them in
the authors' absence, but we also welcome "unpresented" papers for the

Offers of Papers should be submitted as soon as possible; the final date
for full documents is mid-June 1998 in order that the "Proceedings" document
be available to participants.

Submissions should be sent *ONLY* to G3RWL, via the following routes:

Internet e-mail:  g3rwl@amsat.org
Packet Radio:     G3RWL @ GB7HSN.#32.GBR.EU
Satellite:        AO16/19/22/23/25

Terrestrial mail: R W L Limebear G3RWL
                  60 Willow Road
                  Enfield EN1 3NQ
                  United Kingdom.
(I have no fax)

AMSAT-UK also invite anyone with requests for Program Topics to submit them
as soon as possible to G3RWL. Topics already "in" are:

Who Are the Little LEOs and Why Do They Want My Bands ? - W3DQ
Debate: What do we do with P3D ? - HB9AQZ
Future Software SATCOM - W1VF
Mobile LEO terminals - (speaker wanted)
23 cm PA and front-end - OZ1MY
Radio astronomy

Amsat-UK are also investigating the possibility of a talk by an astronaut
(volunteers needed)

73 Richard G3RWL
Colloquium Programme organiser