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Re: new journal out

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     I don't know what is the new journal you are speaking about.
     But it is right the audio frequency was relative to the internal 
     Tha table of transposition have been publish on this reflector.

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Objet : new journal out
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Date :    08/04/1998 13:05

just got my march/april journal. there are some really neat articles
in there.

how to build an elevation rotor using an electric drill. now that is

i have one question about rs-17 and the article. my understanding was
that the frequency of the tones refered to a specific temperature.
therefore a frequency of x1 was a temp of y1 and frequency x2 was a
temp of y2.

if that was true, the graphs on page 13 are actually identical graphs
except for the labeling of the y axis. could it simply have been a
double labeled y axis? ie....1270/27   1250/19 etc?

the article was great but i found the graphs to be the same and
wanted to clear this up in my mind. there were no email addresses
given in the article so i posted to the group.

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