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new journal out

just got my march/april journal. there are some really neat articles 
in there. 

how to build an elevation rotor using an electric drill. now that is 

i have one question about rs-17 and the article. my understanding was 
that the frequency of the tones refered to a specific temperature. 
therefore a frequency of x1 was a temp of y1 and frequency x2 was a 
temp of y2.

if that was true, the graphs on page 13 are actually identical graphs 
except for the labeling of the y axis. could it simply have been a 
double labeled y axis? ie....1270/27   1250/19 etc?

the article was great but i found the graphs to be the same and 
wanted to clear this up in my mind. there were no email addresses 
given in the article so i posted to the group.

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