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Announcement: Java Satellite Ground Station Software Released

Java Satellite Ground Station Software

I have put a preliminay release of my Java Satellite Ground Station Software
on my website http://www.qsl.net/n6lyt.

This software implements a fully automated Digital Store and Forward Satellite
Ground Station.

It includes:

	KISS Protocols
	AX25 Protocols
	Pacsat Broadcast and File Transfer Protocols
	Message Composer
	Message Viewer
	Orbit Propogation
	Satellite Scheduling
	Radio Control
	Rotor Control

The software has been successfully run on Windows/95, Linux and Solaris.

There is still more work to be done,  but I have been successfully using the
software over the last few months with minimal problems.

The documentation is not complete yet,  but there should be enough to get

Further documentation for developers is under construction.

I would be interested in receiving an email message to n6lyt@qsl.net from
anyone who decides to download and try this software.

Also,  if you are interested in helping with this development, let me know by
sending email to n6lyt@qsl.net.

-- John Melton N6LYT/G0ORX