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Re: NASA proposed project: TRIANA

On Tue, 7 Apr 1998, Thomas McDaniel wrote:

> Hi Roy,
> I can't remember where, but I heard this orbit described as a "halo" orbit.
> Its balanced between the gravitational pull of the Sun and the Earth, but it
> is closer to the Earth so it must maintain a circular path  (or halo) on the
> Sun side of the Earth to resist the Earth's gravity.  Kind of a combination
> Sun/Earth orbit.

This is the L-1 point of the Earth-Sun "system" (the place where the two
bodies gravity cancel each other out). It's not stable, so you have to
kind of orbit around it, thus the halo term. Such gravitational points
are present in all system where one body orbits another to one degree
or another. One of the classic places to put a really big space station
was to be the Earth-Moon L-4 and L-5 points, leading and trailing the
Moon in its orbit around the Earth.
> Isn't there a satellite monitoring solar energy that is in a similar
> orbit -- provides early warning of solar radiation that might effect
> satellite and terrestrial communications??

You're thinking of SOHO. Good mission.

> Maybe there is someone on the list that can explain this unusual orbit
> better then I can?  :-)
> 73  Tom  n0ntx

Hope this helped some.