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Fw: FT-847

> From: Jim Wellinghoff <jimw@i1.net>
> To: wricharz@charlotte.infi.net
> Subject: FT-847 
> Date: Tuesday, April 07, 1998 7:14 PM
> Hi Rich,
>    After reading you message on the BB I thought That you might be
> interested
> in how I find the FT-847.
>    Just great! That sums it up from this end. I have been on the Sats for
> many
> years and Have DXCC,WAS,WAC and one short for WAZ.  Have owned the 
> FT-726, 736 and now the 847. It is the best of all even if it doesn't
> the 
> old VOX and SWR.  Put it on HF right out of the Box and worked 9K2ZZ-
> Kuwait, V44KJ,5X1T,YO2LEA all with good reports on 17 meters.
>    Have worked RS-12,FO-29,FO-20,AO-27 all with no problem but you 
> would not expect to have a problem would you?
>    The radio is just like all the Yaesu  Sat. rigs I have owned. They are
> just plain
> ahead of Kenwood and Icom. I have owned plenty of them also. 
> I just like ham radio and getting new rigs is the best of it all Hi Hi.
> Hope you
> enjoy yours and it brings you lots of fun because that is what it is all
> about.
> Check My WEB page out under Equipment and you will see My 847 hi.
> Later Jim, KØSBH 
> jimw@i1.net  or k0sbh@amsat.org
> WEB Site  http://www.i1.net/jimw