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Re: Yaesu FT-847 CAT Interface - my $.02

More feedback for "chip at yaesu":

  "Read frequency" is critical to more than just logging

  I predict that as satellites go up in frequency,  and as
  computers get more common,  automatic doppler control of
  rigs will be more and more common.  I personally 
  operate my ft736r 100% via software control from 50 feet
  away on the other side of the house, even on the
  analog birds.  However, I  had to go FAR out of my way to 
  compensate in software for the brain dead cat system 
  that the '736r has.  (And I suspect VP9mu will say the
  same thing...)  

  IMHO, my next satellite rig MUST have:

    1)  The ability to operate the rig from a combination
        of software and front-panel inputs.  (The 736r 
        essentially locks most of the front panel when under
        software control, which is not acceptable.)

    2)  THe ability to read the status of every control or 
        meter on the rig via software.

    3)  THe ability to software control every single feature
        which can be controlled by the front panel, and 
        to recieve acknowledgement that a particular command
        was, or was-not executed...

  I'd personally prefer a rig with less silly switches and a
  good CAT interface over a rig loaded with features that can
  only be used when sitting personally in front of the
  front panel.


jjensen wrote:
> FYI all... I sent an email to Yaesu explaining my feelings regarding the
> lack of CAT "read frequency" on the 847-- that is, I won't buy one if it
> won't do it-- and I'm not alone!  I got a prompt response from Chip at
> Yaesu that they were looking into it and a "we'll keep you posted."  I too
> will keep you all posted if I learn anything else.  I am itching to buy
> one, but I'm not giving up computer logging, etc., so I hope that Yaesu
> will come through.
> 73 de Joel, W0JDJ
> AMSAT #1795
> w0jdj@amsat.org
> <<SNIP>>
> >
> >Yes - I too was surprised that the CAT system did not employ a read
> >frequency etc ... even the older Yaesu FT 767 has a complete readout system
> >of all parameters.
> >Robin Haighton VE3FRH
> >