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Re: Yaesu FT-847 CAT Interface

FYI all... I sent an email to Yaesu explaining my feelings regarding the
lack of CAT "read frequency" on the 847-- that is, I won't buy one if it
won't do it-- and I'm not alone!  I got a prompt response from Chip at
Yaesu that they were looking into it and a "we'll keep you posted."  I too
will keep you all posted if I learn anything else.  I am itching to buy
one, but I'm not giving up computer logging, etc., so I hope that Yaesu
will come through.

73 de Joel, W0JDJ
AMSAT #1795

>Yes - I too was surprised that the CAT system did not employ a read
>frequency etc ... even the older Yaesu FT 767 has a complete readout system
>of all parameters.
>Robin Haighton VE3FRH