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Special Event Station GB50MKI


A Special Event Amateur Radio Station to celebrate 50 years of computing

DATE: 24th March 1998.

The 21st of June 1948 saw the birth of the first stored-program electronic
digital computer, at the University of Manchester. The ability to store
and run any program put in by a user set this machine apart from all the
special purpose computing machines that had gone before and made it a
Universal Machine, the first computer as we all know it today. Information
about the world's first stored-program computer can be found at

To commemorate this landmark of scientific research, a large number of
activities will take place in Manchester in June 1998. Events include the
commissioning of an exact replica of the Manchester Mark 1, public
lectures, and eleven scientific conferences that will all be held at the
University of Manchester in June 98. Up to date information about all
events can be found at http://www.computer50.org/index.html . 

To carry the celebrations out into the world-wide community, a special
event amateur radio station will go on the air on 7th June 1998. Its
callsign will be GB 50 MKI (50 years Mark 1). 

GB50MKI will transmit on all short-wave bands above 160m, using SSB, CW,
FM but focussing in particular on data modes. Via a BBS operating on VHF,
information about local events as well as technical information regarding
the Manchester Mark 1 computer wil l be accessible 24 hours a day. 

GB50MKI will be on the air from 7th June 1998 until the end of the month.
Special QSL cards will be issued for contacts with GB50MKI, and the
transmission schedule of GB50MKI will be published in advance on the
world-wide web. 

Contacts and Further Information

For details, consult the GB50MKI web site at:


or contact:	Simon Kahn G0STU, Publicity Officer.
			Email:	simon.kahn@ic.ac.uk
		Michael Lancastle G7VYZ, Publicity Officer. 
			Email:	M.Lancastle@mcc.ac.uk