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Re: Mode S on TRACE

At 08:59 PM 4/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>The TRACE mission that will be launched tonight has a 5 watt S band
transponder. Does anyone have the downlink frequency?

Hello Don and the list. From the March 1998 issue of Satellite Times
magazine in the Satellite Launch Schedules column:

TRACE   Downlink Frequency Assignment
S-band  2275.3 GHz

TRACE stands for Transition Region and Coronal Explorer, the fourth small
explorer (SMEX) mission to study the Sun's corona and the region of
transition from chromosphere to corona.

1998-020A       25280   TRACE   4/2/98  97.1 period     97.8 inc
644x597 km orbit

Have a a great day,

Larry Van Horn
Managing Editor
Satellite Times magazine

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