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Has anybody out there had a simalar experience. It started off with a
new system for numbering the incomng mail. Rather than indicate how many
messages you are accessing with the current visit to the page such as
your first visit of the day regardless  of the time, you start off with
number 1 of 5. The next time you go and check mail you start off with
number 1 again and assumning you get mail all day you get the note that
you are getting  1 of (x).What went wrong with me Friday evening was
when I started out with number 37of 40. THen a little while later I went
back and got 38 of 45.Well it wasn't very much later I was rceiving #195
of 210. What it was doing was keepimhg a runing acount of the total 
received.It got to the point where started checking an entire page of
messages.that included for one that was 7 copies of the same message.I
caled my ISP who looked for my sign on and managed to delete
everything I had  to be accessed by me plus everything I had still left
to read.It solved the problem axcept for the method of numbering the
pages.Last night it reverted back to the cumulative method.Right now I
am at 29 of 38.Ny boy ot there that can exlain his freak event will
forever be in my Hall of Fame. CUL CRAIG