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I have a ICOM-251A 2-meter all mode. The RIT stopped working. When I
would depress the RIT switch the RIT light would come on, but would not
stay on unless I held the button down. After studying the schematic I
found that the RIT was engaged via a D flip-flop. (NEC D4013C) So I
decided I would change that IC. After changing the IC the RIT worked
like it was supposed too. But it also created another problem. The radio

now tunes in (FM mode) 15kc where it is supposed to tune in 5kc steps
and with the Tuning Step engaged it tunes in 3kc steps it should be 1kc.

The chip I replaced it with was a Motorola MC14013B. Is there a
difference between a 4013C and a 4013B???? I have checked all the header

plugs I removed to change the chip they all look correct. Help!?!?!?
this is driving me crazy.

73's Matt