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Re: FT-847 Replaces FT-736R

Chuck -

At 21:03 4/4/98 +0000, you wrote:
>I spoke with a Yeasu Rep at AES today and he confirmed that the 
>FT-736 will be going out of production in a very short while if it 
>isn't already.  The FT-736 will be replaced with the FT-847.
>I spoke to him about the lack of the ability to add modules and he
>said it would have to be done with external transverters.
>I also asked him why Yeasu doesn't have the ability to have the 
>computer read the frequency of the radio and he did not think this 
>would be a problem since most people want the computer to control the 
>radio.  I mentioned that I like tuning the radio better than clicking 
>mouse buttons and  want the computer to read the freq for logging 
>only.  The Amsat lecture was about to start so I did not have time to 
>continue the discussion.

It's also nice to be able to tune the radio dial when operating 
satellite and having the computer read the current frequency for
Doppler correction.  Otherwise, it will move right back to the last
"mouse click" position in the satellite's passband on the next
Doppler frequency update -- this neutralizes any tuning dial actions.

>One thing that I did notice is the radio is much smaller that I 
>thought it would be.  In comparison to the TS-850 which is similar in 
>size to the 736 (I think) the FT-847 is about 2/3 the height of the 

Ken Ernandes