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FT-847 Replaces FT-736R

I spoke with a Yeasu Rep at AES today and he confirmed that the 
FT-736 will be going out of production in a very short while if it 
isn't already.  The FT-736 will be replaced with the FT-847.

I spoke to him about the lack of the ability to add modules and he
said it would have to be done with external transverters.

I also asked him why Yeasu doesn't have the ability to have the 
computer read the frequency of the radio and he did not think this 
would be a problem since most people want the computer to control the 
radio.  I mentioned that I like tuning the radio better than clicking 
mouse buttons and  want the computer to read the freq for logging 
only.  The Amsat lecture was about to start so I did not have time to 
continue the discussion.

One thing that I did notice is the radio is much smaller that I 
thought it would be.  In comparison to the TS-850 which is similar in 
size to the 736 (I think) the FT-847 is about 2/3 the height of the 

Chuck Gooden
Rockford, Illinois