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Yaesu FT-847 CAT Interface

John Gordon KD2JF and I were successful commanding KD2JF's new Yaesu FT-847
through its Computer Aided Transceiver (CAT) interface.  We were immediately
successful because of the strong similarity between the FT-847's command set
and that of its predecessor, the FT-736R.  The main changes from the FT-736R
commands are that a fair number of "operation codes" are not the same
between the two transceivers.

I am currently adapting my Yaesu FT-736R CAT library so it can command
either transceiver.  Preliminary testing is being done by KD2JF using a
simple MS-DOS driver program.  This process is mainly complete.  When the
functions applicable to satellite tracking software are completely tested, I
will give a copy of the source code to Paul Willmott VP9MU so we can test it
in The Station Program.

The preliminary functions will be validated in The Station Program, testing
with satellite passes.  Once validated, I will also make the Yaesu
FT-736R/847 CAT library source code available on my Web page
<http://www.mindspring.com/~n2wwd> and at my FTP site (available from my
main web page).  This will accommodate any programmer who wishes not to
"re-invent the wheel."

The Yaesu FT-736R/847 CAT library code is being developed in the "C"
programming language.  The code is (I think) straight forward enough that it
can be translated to other software languages fairly easily.

I will post messages of any significant progress.  I invite any questions or

Ken Ernandes