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Re: Yaesu Serial Numbers

>Chris, and others on the list. I have a Yaesu VX-1R and I noted on the
>battery printed in a color not too much darker than the battery casing is a
>two digit/letter indicator. One of my batteries has 7D and the other one has
>7K. I had theorized that the 7 was the year and the letter was the month. (D
>for April and K for November) Can anyone confirm or refute this?
>Marty, KC4BFF

Hi Marty. Interesting. Hadn't noticed it. Just pulled mine out and, below
the sticker at the right-hand end is 7D. I suggest it is more likely a
production batch run, not the month code. 7 would be the year, but Yaesu
hasn't ever built a month into its production codes, so I see no reason for
it to start doing it now.

73 de VK3CE, publisher/editor Radio and Communications magazine