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Re: Audio Transmission Line Optimization

> Hi Dan,
> I read the message about speaker wiring 3 times. I then printed it and read it
> again. Then the roof fell in and I realized what day of the month it was. This
> is the best I have saw. I sent it to 3 other hams and got messages from 2 so
> far saying this guy must be some kind of a nut. Had to get back to them and
> remind them of the date.  Good Job.
> Bert McClellan
> Gold Bar, WA

I showed it to a "home theater installer" person I know who's always
bragging about the $4,000/meter speaker cable his store sells.  I always
have arguments with him over the outrageousness of products he sells, not
to mention the stupidity of the people falling hook, line, and sinker for
that nonsense.

He had recently showed me a manual on speaker cables that explained how
capacitance is measured in "microfarrats" and that speaker cables must
be "burned in" over time since different audio frequencies will seek their
own paths through the wire and will sound better after use.  I told him
the manual would make a good April Fool's joke.

When he read Dan's article, he said, "See?  I told you!"

It was the best laugh I'd had all week.  :-)

73, de John, KD2BD

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