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RE: Inner city sat station


     The following true story may help you to understand the possibilities.
     When I first moved to Newington CT in 1987, I was in a condo with a 
     maximum of restrictions.  Really bad news!
     A month later, I was on the LEOs -- with all satellite antennas being 
     below ground.  Yup; tis true.  My shack was in the basement.  So were 
     my antennas.
     And it worked.  Not extremely well, but it did work to my 
     The antenna setup was as follows:
     1.  A tripod sitting on the basement floor.
     2.  A four element yagi for 145 MHz, pointed straight up, and an 8 
     element yagi for 435, also pointed up, were mounted in the tripod.
     3.  A ten meter dipole running along the ceiling of the basement.
     Voila.  Uplink/downlink capability for all three bands.  
     Yes, it was a bad situation.  But it worked.
     Luck Hurder, KY1T