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Re: AO-10 frequency unstable again ??

At 09:05 AM 4/3/1998 +0200, Ib Christoffersen wrote:
>Hi all,
>I do not see anybody mentioning the FM-ing on 
>Last evening at 2113 UTC I notished that the frequency
>of the beacon went up and down. The range was 39.000 km
>at that time and the signal 55 in the peaks.
>May be somebody can make something out of this.
>Most of the time the satellite was usefull.
>Greetings from Copenhagen and have a nice Easter

The solar angle appears to be increasing again.  My running guestimation is
that its up to about +40 degs.  It will increase rapidly between now and
the ene of May, so conditions will progressively worsen during this time.

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