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Need 1 or 2 more folks for swap fest.

Howdy Fellow AMSATers
    We are running a AMSAT booth at the LARC fest this
coming Saturday in Longmont Colorado.  The 2 people
schedualed for the start of the fest at 9:00 am cancelled.
I'm looking for 1 to 2 people to run the booth from 9:00am
to 10:00am, not much time, but it will help enormously.  
There are passes of FO-20 and AO-27 between 9:20 and 10:00
I will be busy at the demo station.
    If you would like to help out, please reply direct, so
I know your coming.  Drop by the demo station at 8:30 am and
I'll get you in and show what we need to do at the booth.  
Later on we have a couple others coming at ~10:00 am.



			Chuck (KI0AG)