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Re: Audio Transmission Line Optimization

Hi Dan,

I read the message about speaker wiring 3 times. I then printed it and read it
again. Then the roof fell in and I realized what day of the month it was. This
is the best I have saw. I sent it to 3 other hams and got messages from 2 so
far saying this guy must be some kind of a nut. Had to get back to them and
remind them of the date.  Good Job.

Bert McClellan
Gold Bar, WA

In Space, No One Can Hear You Snore wrote:

> Knowing that many hams are also interested in high performance audio
> systems, I thought that I should pass on this important technical
> advice offering suggestions on how to optimize your loudspeaker wires.
> Some of this advice is no doubt applicable to RF transmission lines
> also......
> Dan Schultz N8FGV
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
>                         Wizardry With Wire
> At least for the present, we still need wire to connect up most audio
> equipment. Here are a few application tips on selecting and getting
> the best performance from wire.