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Re: FT736r production dates?

Hi Ron,

I'v also got an ft736 and would like to knwo where can I get hold of copies
of Yaesu's technical bulletins ?

73s de Patrick (9h1jy)

rlong@osu.edu on 04/01/98 07:07:02 PM

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Subject:  Re: FT736r production dates?

At 08:33 AM 4/1/98 -0500, you wrote:
>  Just a quick question:  Why do we care about the production
>  dates?  Were their changes during the production run?
>  As the author of an FT736r control program,  if there are
>  subtle differences in the behaviors of old vs. new rigs,
>  (particularly the CAT interface), I'd be quite interested
>  in knowing any details...
Hi Al,

Some people shopping for a used radio like to know how old it is. With most
radios there are changes which sometimes are documented and sometimes not.
I have a file of Yaesu Technical Bulletins (TB) for the ft736 detailing
changes that were recommended to cure specific problems. I don't know if
they were introduced into the production of later radios or not, but I
assume they were. These bulletins all date back to the first couple of
years of the radio. I have not tried to keep up with it since that time, so
I don't know if there are others. These bulletins describe problems that
may only show up on a few radios. I never had most of the problems

TB8813	7-1-88     RF (TX) Signal gets into 430 MHz unit
TB8814	7-14-88    High level noise or desense in Mode-J operation (lots
TB8815	7-29-88    Switching power supply generates noise
TB8832	12-27-88   Transmit (SSB) signal get into the audio amplifier
TB8820	9-21-88    Abnormal oscillation causes the main vco to unlock
TB8821	9-28-88    The PLL is unlocking around the area of 431.0 434.0 MHz
TB8830	11-21-88   NB is defeated during full duplex transmission
TB8903	3-27-89    Low receive sensitivity at 430 MHz band

Rear Heatsink Heat Buildup Mods - no date
  "Eliminates heat buildup on rear heatsink when it is in SAT mode and also
  improve external linear amplifier control."

Having said all this I must comment that the ft736 has been a very reliable
radio. Mine has been back to Yaesu for service only one time in 10 years. I
would not hesitate to sell mine or to buy one of similar age.

73, ron w8gus.