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7/8" Hardline ?

Message text written by Clayton Botkin
> Does anyone know if it's necessary to evacuate (ie. pressurize, remove 
     air/moisture from) the hollow center conductor on Andrews 7/8" 
     hardline ?
     I'm installing a couple of runs of this for the first time.

I've used thousands of feet of 1-1/2 and 3 inch and the only thing
that gets pressurized on these lines is the space between the center
and outer conductors.  Since there is not appreciable potiential
difference between opposite sides of the  same conductor,
in a confined location, I can't imagine the need to presurize this
space.  But then, at near microwave and at HF above 10KW or so,
(if these are freqs where you are working), as I like to say,
"ohms law ain't true anymore.  It simply does what it wants!"  HI

Actually, as I think more about your question, and the Andrew
conntectors I'm used to, at each connector, there probably is
some leakage into the center conductor and hence it probably
does get pressurized, eventually.  It would take quite a few
pressure-and-bleed cycles to remove an appreiciable amount
of moisture, tho.  Anyway, for what it's worth!  73!

Gary Memory, F/N7BRJ