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Re: FT-736R production date?

>>Ron Long wrote:
>>I don't know but mine is fairly early. I bought it on 7/11/88.
>>Serial Number 8F100002.
>Dave WB0GAZ, wrote:
>Mine was bought late 1988, S/N: 8H150020
It looks like the 8 in the serial no. is the year and the letter is the
month. Mine was produced in July 88 and Dave's in Aug 88. There must be
more to their coding as just subtracting the numbers is unreasonable. Maybe
it is 1500 - 1000 = 500 produced between July and Sept with the last two
digits meaning something else??

>>Larry Brown wrote:
>>It looks like the first QST add for the FT-736R occurred in the October
1987 issue. 

Does anyone have a serial number beginning with 7? What did they do when
they got into the 90's?

I apologize for the bandwidth this may stir up, but life is slow! Maybe it
will even help someone though.

ron, w8gus.